The Bible History Library would like to thank you for your recent interest in our books.

Most people receive their first exposure to our Bible library through our sample booklets in doctors offices and convenience stores. We distribute sample books to expose people to the great stories and themes of the Bible.

Most of our customers receive their Bible History Library books for free from displays in gas stations and convenience stores. These sample books are all a person needs to get them acquainted with the plan of salvation, the God of the Bible, and of course, His dear son. Others like the books so much that they purchase a complete 5 volume library through our website. Our complete library is priced very reasonably so that it can remain available to all.

Our Library presents the Bible in an easy to read and easy to understand magazine article format. Each of the books in the series chronologically covers the Bible’s major stories and themes.

The library is divided into three sections. 
1. Old Testament: 2 volumes, 95 chapters, over 400 pages.
2. New Testament: 2 volumes, 60 chapters, over 350 pages.
3. Prophesy: 1 volume; “End Times”, 37 chapters, 192 pages. 

The Bible tells us that Jesus will return very soon. When He returns, Jesus looks for many things from His followers but He only ask one question, “when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith upon the earth?” (see Luke 18:8.) The Bible History Library is designed to teach us about a God who offers us that faith as a free gift. Our library presents God as a loving Father. God is a Father who desires the salvation of each of His dear children. It is by faith in, and co-operation with, a loving Father and His dear Son that prepares a persons heart for an eternity with Him in Heaven.

Sincerely yours,

The Bible History Library

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