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Prophets and Kings opens with the account of the prophet Elijah’s terrifying confrontation with an apostate Israel. Elijah cried out in clear, trumpet like tones, “How long halt ye between to opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, then follow him.”

The apostasy prevailing today is similar. In the exaltation of humans above the divine, in the praise of popular leaders, and in placing of the teaching of science above the truths of revelation, multitudes today are like Israel, following after a modern rendition of Baal worship.

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The first two paragraphs:

“In the reign of David and Solomon, Israel became strong among the nations and had many opportunities to wield a mighty influence in behalf of truth and the right. The name of Jehovah was exalted and held in honor, and the purpose for which the Israelites had been established in the Land of Promise bade fair of meeting with fulfillment. Barriers were broken down, and seekers after truth from the lands of the heathen were not turned away unsatisfied. Conversions took place, and the church of God on earth was enlarged and prospered. PK 25.1

“Solomon was anointed and proclaimed king in the closing years of his father David, who abdicated in his favor. His early life was bright with promise, and it was God’s purpose that he should go on from strength to strength, from glory to glory, ever approaching nearer the similitude of the character of God, and thus inspiring His people to fulfill their sacred trust as the depositaries of divine truth.” PK 25.2

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